In a safe place

by 7 Training Days

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“So che sei in un posto sicuro”.
Poche e semplici parole racchiudono l'idea di musica dei 7 Training Days.
IN A SAFE PLACE, disco d'esordio della band composta da Achille Fiorini (chitarra), Giovanni Ignagni (batteria), Simone Ignagni (voce e chitarra), e Antonio Tortorello (basso), è un viaggio in dieci tappe attraverso luoghi fisici e immaginari, in bilico tra emotività e analisi sociale.
L'impronta indie rock è contrastata da una forte spinta melodica, non estranea a quelle contaminazioni che hanno fatto grandi alcune delle band di riferimento del gruppo: R.E.M., Wilco, Low, The National, Nada Surf, Pearl Jam.
IN A SAFE PLACE è il punto di arrivo di quattro storie musicali, le cui radici affondano nel terreno fertile del rock dei primi anni ’90.
I risultati sono stati demo tapes dalle svariate impronte musicali.
Finalmente, nell'estate del 2006, Antonio, Simone, Achille e Giovanni si sono incontrati su un terreno comune, e hanno deciso di fondere idee ed influenze per dar vita a una nuova proposta in cui cercare di coniugare il piglio originale del rock alternativo (di matrice newyorchese ma con chiari rimandi anche all’Inghilterra del post brit-pop) e un certo classicismo proveniente dal sottobosco americano.

Il corpus dei brani ha preso forma attraverso numerose tappe live, appuntamenti che i 7 Training Days hanno utilizzato sia come banco di prova per testare la reale forza comunicativa delle canzoni, sia come espressione di un approccio artistico naturalmente legato al contatto con il palco.
7 giorni di preparazione non è solo un accostamento di parole che in inglese ha un buon suono.
Si tratta piuttosto del primo modo di descrivere l’approccio che, da sempre, caratterizza la band. L’esigenza di non lasciare alcun dettaglio al caso, la dedizione nel voler creare un mondo musicale coerente che parli per le persone che animano il progetto, e attraverso cui passi la loro visione del mondo. L’attenzione (spesso estrema) al dettaglio in questo senso diventa elemento fondamentale per far corrispondere tutto e delineare con precisione i contorni di un concetto artistico ben definito.
Cura e preparazione insomma, aberrando una sterile fretta, ispirandosi all’approccio di un grande maestro delle arti visive come Stanley Kubrick, che faceva del suo lavoro una vera e propria missione, da portare avanti nel giusto tempo, quello di cui i suoi progetti avevano bisogno.

“Tempo… è tempo di rinascere in una canzone”.

Recorded and mixed by Andrea Stanisci at Niski Studio, Ferentino (Fr)
Mastered by Andrea Suriani and Giacomo Fiorenza ad Alpha Dept., Bologna
Release date: 05.04.2011


released April 5, 2011


all rights reserved



7 Training Days Roma, Italy

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Track Name: Freckles
A December of argentine reflections
Widens her sight on open plains
Where her eyes, never full
May continue to dance
Like herds on a boundless range

A gold season finds her in the sun,
Familiar hands never stop stroking her
It reminds her of bonds
Shouts of how much room
Is still there by their side

She embraces the world
And the red earth
That dirties her skin
With small freckles

“Your teacher is crazy, your teacher lost her mind”
But it’s all the rest that loses her each time

Piles of books for both
With the same dust
But different shores to dream on
She’s a contagious waltz
That goes around and around and around
Track Name: Beautiful bleeding
Do you remember all the chances?
Do you remember when the best was dreaming?
When did you stop your journey?
When did you forget you’re not like other people?

It’s not a lie
It’s not a joke
It’s not a cry for the old times
Believe me

I’m not a fake
I’m not insane
I’ve only found you again
And it’s beautiful bleeding

But the stranger fact is
I’m ready for the fall
Ready to embrace you
And loose you again

Do you remember all the laughs?
Do you remember when the best was walking in the sun?
When did you stop your questions?
When did you accept one only way of life?

It’s not a fairy tale
It’s not a romance
It’s not a stupid game
I’m limping blind, believe me

We know the truth
We know the only thing to do
‘cause that embrace
Was the limit for us

Think of me
I’ll be that regret
You’ll rock
In the loneliness
Of your room
Track Name: In a song
It’s time to be reborn in a song
Time to understand
That everything is open again

Time to make up your mind and act
Time to say thanks to them
For all the magic sadness

Don’t you worry boy
Say: “I’m sorry”
Go on crying
Watching the skyline
Don’t you worry if you have regrets
It’s ok ’cause you’re human

Jumping, jumping
Dancing, dancing
Arms to the sky in an unforgettable night
Three hands on your shoulders to comfort you

To deserve a new quiet night
There’s time again
To dream upon the keys of a piano

Enough to grow, enough to know
That an embrace
Can be made of silence and notes
Track Name: Secret garden
I get your skin
I get your smile
I get your love
Just in my mind
Today in the ancient city
Along the river side

Here’s my secret garden
Without flowers, without you
Walking towards my greenhouse
It’s the old way of the sprites

I see the way
You talk to me
I see your body
I crave your kiss
Today in the ancient city
When a cold wind is blowing

Like the lost ways of our hearts

A wrong hope
Rises in my heart
I know it’s time
To burn your words
Today in the ancient city
Where the sky is falling down
Track Name: Even more
I want you to stay close to me
I know I may be selfish
But it’s like this every day
Every day goes around
Every dumb, deafening day
The moment will come for me
It’ll ask me for a bit of my time
All the time remaining
To join us even more

And so we celebrate a new birth
‘Cause now I’m looking for your reflection
In every shape surrounding me
And then everything shows its meaning

I wanna dream of you
Like sometimes in those days
We hold ourselves tight for hours
I wanna turn these moments
Into eternity in that you don’t believe in
I wanna make you believe in this eternity
‘Cause there are some loves
That open their way through it
Straight to the middle
Track Name: Stripes
…And time after time
I’m gonna fuck my time
Today if you fly away
I slowly die
You climb over the wall
But I know:
“It’s better to destroy it”

Day 1, day 2…Prisoner 5
A hundred days to make only stripes
Day 3, 4…Prisoner 5
A thousand years to make only stripes

Never knows
Never blessing
Never kind of magic
Never wants
Never hurts me
Never scent of memory
Flow away…

…And time after time
I’m learning to waste time
Tonight you have flown
I’ve slowly died
Everything is nothing and oblivion
We can only dream
Track Name: Hole in the ground
Step aside, underground
You must work, harder

If you wanna live
If you wanna die

In a swamp city

And you’ll never be lonely
You’ll never taste emptiness

Step into a good job
A place where you can go on sleeping

Then pick up a nice girl
A lot of sundays wait for you

If you wanna live
If you wanna die
If you wanna suck the pith of life

Teach your children the rules now
A lot of smiles wait for you

Step this way, please
Track Name: A million rushes
A cold winter is closing the doors
The sun of June never warms it up
Let’s go now, the car starts up
We have been up since the sunrise
“Trousers too long for those shoes,
Jacket must be shortened
The great event is drawing near:
Shave and cut your hair”
Memories are so true
And no winter will ever waste them
Too too cold here, but I feel good

Kisses and embraces to the relatives
The giants play with little cars
Let’s bring the gift to those who are waiting
Let’s pack the bags for our journey

A million rushes following the same ball
Never-ending tales in never passing time

Like a never expressed desire
The silent whisper of the night
It’s speakin’ about old hopes and dreams
But nobody can hear it now
Memories are so true
And no winter will ever waste them
Too too cold here, but i feel good
But it feels good
Track Name: In a safe place
Raining tears along the road
On your return’s day

And through the trip after the war
You search for a place in the sun

When all the faces are turning round
Leaving you alone

Finally the door of your dear home
“Welcome old friend, smile at me”

Forget the past
Photographs, arms, nights, innocence, smell, cities
No more dependence
Only a deep valley, an hidden bay, your fireplace

I know in a safe place you are

You look around all the old things
Pictures of your life

The window where you sit alone
Cold winter in your heart

The bedroom where you sleep tonight
With lost dreams

It’s the same world, it’s the same life
The only difference is love
Track Name: The people embassy
If you want direction
Because you got lost
If you’re hungry for care
We’re here for you
If you’re howling along the road
And no one turns around
While you’re bleeding teardrops
We stand by you

We are smiling
We have got a flag
Bearing all your faces
And we’re waving it

Half a finger of your left hand
Will do to be reborn
And there’s no danger
We’re master surgeons
So in the friendly silence
Of all your dark nights
Thieves will keep out
Of your open door

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